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Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
president obama has to be successful in order for you to take back the house this year? -- do you concede that president obama has to be successful in order for you to take back the house this year? >> yes. in 2010, when the republicans won the house, they were up over 70 in the generics. we are now up about four or five in the combined generics. if the president does well, we do well. the president can do very well in states where we can run up the score, new york and illinois and california. he does not add -- i don't think he believes he can win in texas, but we can win more seats in texas. our game plan is built to fit into the environment and we need a lot of success by the president to enhance their chances of getting those 25 seats. >> i will ask a question that will allow you to not come off as a politician and take a stand on an issue that really concerns your constituents right now. i want you to know if you think it is time for a team to go -- if it is time for tim tebow to start planning for the new york jets. >> i can ask you -- i can answer any question you ask about the new
Oct 7, 2012 10:00am EDT
now, 30 days out, than we were a year and a half ago when we began this campaign. >> congressman, we have presidential debate this week. i think a lot of analysts thought that governor romney had a strong performance. how do you think president obama's performance is going affect turnout for democrats? >> i don't think it will, actually. you know, most people don't remember that in the first did he bait walter mondale just crushed ronald reagan. they remember the last debate. most people have not remembered that throughout the republican presidential primary debates, mitt romney was considered to have lost most of them. every week there was another star who beat mitt romney in the depate. they remember what happened at the end. it am a mets' fan. most people don't realize the met may have been behind a few runs what they remembered what is happened in the 9th inning. the first debate i think is not going to have bearing on democratic turnout. it is what is going to happen at the close. i have great confidence that the president is going to continue his momentum and going to win and s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2